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Well hello everyone! Omg it’s been a while I know.

But what better way to have a comeback than to have one during Christmas season! Just in time for celebrating family and friends and of course, gifts. Daniel and I are flying out tomorrow to go to my home in California!! And I can’t believe it has been 8 months since I’ve been home. I’m so excited because we have so much planned in the week we will be there! Stay tune for our adventures on the blog.

But always, I have complied my list of last minute gifts because I know a ton of people who have barely started their Christmas shopping! I am currently OBSESSED with TopShop, Madewell, and BP. The best part is, if you don’t want to go to three shops, Nordstrom has all three brands!! Honestly, BP has some of the safest items, and TopShop and Madewell have all the latest trends. What I love most is that you can mix and match so many of their items with the different color swatches.

For guys, I had a little help from Daniel. Many of items are things what I have gotten him for gifts in the past. I feel like men are always in need of revamping their styles or items, Most men are perfectly content with their raggedy shoes or wallets. (Like men, HELLO, your shoes don’t need holes in them for you to replace them). I always tease Daniel because he never asks for anything but always so happy when I buy him random stuff (and secretly throw away the old ones, sorry babe). But anyways, I complied a list of things that could help in case of not knowing what to get!



















Well thanks for stopping by today! I really appreciate everyone who always takes time out of their day for me to share a little piece of my life!

I hope everyone has a painless and fun Christmas shopping experience! I will also be posting stuff on my instagram at @msjordantaylor!

XOXO, Jordan Taylor

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