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SWEATER: Urban Outfitters / SCARF: ILY / JEANS: American Eagle / SHOES: Justfab / SUNGLASSES: ILY


Guys, I am so excited because it has been SO nice here in New England. The weather has been seriously so beautiful lately. It has been sunny and 50 which is so warm! (I never thought I would think that was warm) I have been wearing my new scarf like it’s no one’s business though cause this California girl doesn’t go anywhere without a jacket, sweater, or scarf on!

I have been on the grind like no one’s business. I have worked so much and have been taking on a lot at work and with my blog! I have some really great products that are coming soon! (I am seriously so excited about partnering up with so many amazing companies). Speaking of which, I teamed up with Ilymix this ADORABLE accessory company, https://www.ilymix.com. They have the cutest scarves and sunglasses! AND you can use promo code: Jordantoothman20 for 20% off all orders! You guys should seriously take advantage of this because they have all colors in blanket scarves which are SO in!! Nothing beats pairing an oversized sweater with a scarf, it is the ultimate comfy outfit that looks put together without even trying.

Lastly, I wanted to talk about how I have started to manage my time really well because I know at this day and age most people are stressed out to the max. People have asked me how I find time to blog, work, and have a social life. And honestly, I MAKE time for the things that I love. I love blogging and it makes me so happy to share my thoughts and love for fashion somewhere. (Also, I feel honestly less judged in a space like this because if people don’t like what I have to say, then they can stay off my page rather than judge me). But, also I think the most important thing to do is to remind yourself what you think is important. Obviously having a healthy relationship with my boyfriend, Daniel, is something that I value, as well as my family. So, I call them on the phone when I get a break at work (pretty much every chance I get). And, I absolutely miss my friends from college and home, so I try to text them as much as possible but it is difficult and we all have busy lives. Also living a healthy life has become one of my passions, so by doing that I set a schedule of my work outs and how I plan my meals is something I look forward to in my downtime. Lastly, wanting to know what goes on in the world is important to me too, so I listen to podcasts or listen to an audio book. (Especially so I don’t sound uneducated on the world around me). I think the most important thing is to hone in on what is important to you and try to use your time wisely. (Especially because I  can sit in front of a tv with my nose in my phone, but it’s not as productive).

Well, that’s all I have for ya! Seriously check out the boutique. And I hope my little rant helps you organize your life and helps you see what’s important to you!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor 

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