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Spa Day



^^ This is the best face and body scrub! 


^^ I’m seriously obsessed with this cream!



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Hi everyone!

Long time no talk. Sorry I’ve been crazy busy with work, literally I have worked non stop for the past few weeks. But, life is all about balance and I have started to slowly get in the roll of things. (Meaning I have been using my time more wisely). BUT, today I had a full on SPA DAY!!

One of the first things that I have started to do (which I should have been doing earlier but I’m a lazy cat) is taking care of my skin. I have always been the girl that had the driest of skins so I was only afraid of using hard masks on my face or doing too much to make my skin fully break out. But, recently one of my friends at European Wax Center really helped me with my skin. We were chatting about how my skin feels so soft after I get waxed and she actually put a strip on my forehead (which shocked me) and showed me all the dead skin that I should be taking care of. Turns out, she’s an esthetician so she was giving me a few tips on how to take better care of my skin.

The first advise she gave me was to get better moisturizer (a thicker one for night and a light one for the day). And also that I should be exfoliating my skin about once every week and a half. This was the part I found SHOCKING. I literally looked her with bug eyes  and she said at the same time I asked, no it won’t make my skin fall off. I have started to do this and have really seen a difference in my skin!! I have always loved doing masks but have found that some are rough on my skin compared to others, so I wanted to link a few!

  • Mask of Magnaminty – This is one of my favorites and it smells so good (I mean, who doesn’t love the smell of mint)
  • Cup O’ Coffee – The coffee scrub has to be the best thing I have found. First of all, it smells like coffee (hello! my fav) and second it really works on your body and make you soft all over
  • Orange and Vanilla Scrub – This one, my best friend Casey made for me. She used organic brown sugar, organic coconut oil, orange essential oils, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract! I use this all the time because it isn’t harsh on my skin at all and you can make it yourself and use your favorite scents!!
  • Clear Improvement – I have used this since I was a little girl, this was probably the first mask I have ever used because my mom has always had this stocked in the bathroom.
  • Que Bella – I love this brand of masks because they are so smooth on your face (and so cheap!!)
  • Hope in a Jar – Okay, I have to rave about this moisturizer because I have recently switched to this one! It is literally the creamiest thing I have ever put on my face, I’m seriously obsessed!!

Well that all I have for you right now! Hopefully you all make time for yourselves and especially your skin! Also, I have learned that through working and being in the car all day, I have taken up listening to podcast! I would love for you to comment what you do in your spare time and any suggestions on a podcast I should listen to next!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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