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Fallin’ in Love

^^ I swear I am like a  child when it comes to leaves 
^^ This river was a prettiest thing to sit and watch!! I’m obsessed 


^^ Staring off into the sunset doe 


^^ I am seriously obsessed with this flannel 


^^ This Kendra Scott necklace is my absolute favorite! 


^^ I’m the most basic white girl there is with this picture lol 

FLANNEL: Bass Pro Shop / SHIRT: Forever21 / JEANS: Levi / NECKLACE: Kendra Scott / SHOES:  JustFab / PURSE: Michael Kors 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Okay so let’s be honest, who doesn’t LOVE fall? I am seriously loving this weather, nice and brisk in the morning and warm in the afternoon, followed by a cold night! Best sleeping weather EVER! I mean, I am absolutely fallin’ in love with fall here in New England.

So, obviously I’m a basic white girl, I mean I couldn’t help but take fall pictures in a flannel! So, I just have been going all out with the whole basic white girl thing. I mean, I bought a candle called, Orchard Air for goodness sake. To top things off, I have found the best investment ever, a Shopping Cart. Now, this isn’t any old shopping cart because I have put it to good use for my groceries! As most of you know, I live in the city and my car is parked super far away, so getting my groceries to my apartment is a struggle and a half. I mean, I am super bad at being an actual adult anyways because I still eat like a college student which includes going to the grocery store once a month (I literally looked at my last receipt and it was a month ago, I know PATHETIC). But since I work so much and I am absolutely dead tired when I get home from work, this shopping cart has made my life so much easier! (I’m not carrying bags up 3 flights of stairs every time, it’s too much work). So far, this shopping cart has been the best investment, but ask me in a few months when I have to trudge it up snow lol.

Also, I absolutely have to share with you guys that I played golf for the first time EVER! It was actually so much fun and I wasn’t half bad at it (I mean, I thought I would be the worst at it). If any of you saw my snapchats you saw how gorgeous the background was! I mean, who would trade New England fall season?! (Red trees and all!). I seriously wouldn’t, I take pictures of all the trees 24/7 lol.

Well that’s all I have for you right now! It’s sad that my adult life has come to me being excited about a shopping cart and golf (I swear I’m an 80 year old woman stuck in a 22 year old body)

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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