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Hey everyone, it’s me, Jordan if you remember lol. I know I have been away for almost a month. I think I needed time to really get settled in my job and having a brand new apartment (let me tell you, moving and furnishing a place is hard work). I wanted to give everyone a little update on my life and I promise to start blogging again.

I took a little break because to be honest my life has been a little crazy this past month and I wasn’t really enjoying blogging as much as I use to, but I now have the creative juices going again! So, as you all know I work for Enterprise and I am seriously loving it! Within my first month I have become the Top 5 of my position. TOP FIVE!! I was so proud of myself and want to keep my motivation to continue my momentum! What was awesome was that I went to a Champions Club event where we all celebrated our hard work!

I also wanted to share the few things that I have learned while living in New England. For starters, ALL and I mean ALL New Englanders LOVE their coffee (I have now find out why they have so many Dunkin’ Donuts here). Speaking of coffee, they love it steaming hot, and if it’s not they have a full freak out (I have burned my tongue a time or two). I have also learned that New England has to have one of the most beautiful fall seasons I have ever seen. Also, if you aren’t an absolute die hard Red Sox fan, Patriots fan, Celtics fan, or Bruins fan, there must be something wrong with you because they are the best teams ever (said every New Englander). One other thing, the word wicked is apparently an adjective (I still haven’t figured out how to use it in a sentence or what it actually means). It has been almost 5 full months I have lived here and I have to say, I am absolutely loving it. I really wouldn’t change it for the world because experiencing a different place is always healthy and it just makes you think, how awesome the rest of the country, even the world truly is.

But all in all, the time was very much needed to finally get settled into my apartment and my job! I’m currently working with a few companies to start blogging for again so stay tuned too! Last thing, Daniel, my brother, and a few of their friends have recently started a sports blog! I would love for you guys to check it out and follow them on Facebook, instagram, or subscribe directly! Well that’s all I have for you right now, see you guys back here soon!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor 

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