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Martha’s Vineyard


^^ Dat hair flip doe 


Welcome back!

Since I started my new job it has been so difficult to find time to blog so I’m sorry but it’s going to take me a hot second to get in the swing of things! BUT in the recent time that I have been away, I have officially moved into my apartment in the city, been killing it at my job, and have started putting together my new home (which includes spending hundreds of dollas). Living on your own is so exciting that it out weighs the stress of all the other things! And as I write this, Daniel is currently putting together 2 dressers for my room (possibly because I may or may not have started putting them together wrong)

But anyways, few weekends ago, Daniel and I took a trip to Martha’s Vineyard down in Cape Cod! It was honestly probably one of my favorite trips because it was the first time we have travelled by ourselves! (Even if it was a day trip). Poor Daniel had to deal with me sleeping on the boat ride in because it was such an early travel time! (But ya girl needed her beauty sleep, the bags under my eyes were so big they should have been designer) I’m surprised he didn’t take a picture of me with my mouth wide open lol.(Also, I was expecting the Vineyard to actually be a vineyard and it wasn’t lol jokes on me).

Martha’s Vineyard was SO much fun though!! The weather started out sucky because it was so cloudy and chilly but it ended up being a beautiful day! We sat on the beach and drank ice tea and walked to this cute little lake! And then out of nowhere, it started fully pouring (we were not expecting it)! So, we decided to go drink at the cutest bar ever! (It was a sand bar and I think the waitress thought there was something wrong with us since all we did was eat apps and drink)!

All and all it was such a great weekend and it should definitely be on your bucket list! I mean, who doesn’t love being on the beach and enjoying some drinks with a loved one?! Well, that’s all I have for today, I promise I’ll be back here soon to update you with my Tayloredlife!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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