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Makin Moves


^^ I am seriously obsessed with my nail color which is here
^^ Seriously the sunsets are gorgeous down in Cape Cod!


^^ Look at that gorgeous view

ROMPER: Tobi / PURSE: Michael Kors / SHOES: Macy’s /

Happy Wednesday!

It is hump day and I just wanted to say, thank you for following my blog! I truly have loved the journey that my blog has taken me.

AND I’m so excited to say I have accepted a job offer with Enterprise Holdings!! I am so excited to start my journey with such an amazing company!! So, I am offically Makin Moves by now having a job and looking for an apartment to live in!! Woohoo! I think I am most excited about finding an apartment because I love designing a new space, like I did for my last room in Tucson! (And I can’t wait to be officially on my own and for my parents to fly out and help me move into my own space)

Over the Fourth of July weekend I spent time with my boyfriend and his family and friends! We went to this gorgeous resort called Wequassett for the night of the Fourth of July and I seriously have never ate so much seafood, and I am not complaining one bit! What I love about living on this side of the country is all the seafood that is available to try (I tried an oyster…ya it wasn’t my thing lol). I mean, seafood isn’t for everyone and I’m proud of myself for even trying different types of food! (I am definitely getting out of my comfort zone without my own/my moms cooking)

I want to know what did you all do over the Fourth of July weekend? Or what are your plans for this weekend? Would love to hear what you are doing in the comments! I hope you are enjoying your hump day with a little cocktail!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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