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A Little Life Update


^^ My face when the honeybees were buzzing around my head!


^^ Im obsessed with these velvet shoes! 


^^ I seriously love being blonde! 



DRESS: Shein / SHOES: Justfab / PURSE: Michael Kors / LIPSTICK: BareMinerals

Hi everyone! I have been super MIA! (Almost away for a month)

So let me give you a little life update! Well first of all, if you haven’t noticed, I’m BLONDE! I absolutely love having a change in my life. I still haven’t gotten use to my hair (aka when I walk by a mirror, I still have a little freakout)! But anyways, I completely love my new look because I needed a change in my life and what better way to do than when I leave to go across the country! (But seriously shoutout to my hairdresser Janelle)!

Second, I recently moved to Massachusetts and absolutely loving it! AND I’m really excited because my car was dropped off today so Jenny (my Jetta, yes I named my car) is officially on the East Coast! I have been going to interviews after interviews to find the right job for me and fingers crossed that I will be employed soon! (Hopefully wrapping up with one company soon)! Honestly, I am kind of proud of myself because I haven’t had a meltdown yet because I moved away (key word: yet). What I absolutely love about this place is the millions of trees around, it’s honestly like a forest everywhere you go lol (I mean even look at the freaking beautiful flowers behind me). This California girl might be able to settle in this new, weird, exciting place.

So if you aren’t familiar with California OR Massachusetts I will say they are both gorgeous places and have very different weather (that is an understatement). Massachusetts is SO humid (with going to school in Arizona and living in California my whole life, I don’t understand the concept of being wet). Honestly going outside and feeling muggy is one thing I have to get use to! BUT, I found this adorable black dress that was so light and fun for the New England weather. When I first saw it, I was very nervous of looking like a sack of potatoes, but it actually was very flattering and it made me feel good. I think with fashion the one advice I can give is to always wear clothes that you feel good in and that compliment your body. I know with all the new fashion trends people are going to want to try them and I say GO FOR IT, but also have your mom there with you because no one will be brutally honest with you that the new jumpsuit you’ve been dying to wear looks terrible on you. And thank your mom for not letting you look like a hooligan outside the house (I know I would look like a hooligan sometimes without my mom, shoutout to Kimm). Anyways I just had to rant about that for a second. Back to my outfit, I am obsessed and I mean OBSESSED with my velvet shoes, yes VELVET. What I seriously love about them, not only are they velvet but the heel length is perfect. I have worn them so much weather it is to dinner, brunch, or even to an interview! I HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a pair!

Well I hope you all have a great week and hope you enjoyed my little life update! I will be back on the blog next week as usual (promise to not go too far)! And I hope everyone has a safe weekend for the Forth of July with your family and friends!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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