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A Week of Celebration


SHIRT: Forever21 / PANTS: Free People / BRALETTE: Urban Outfitters / SHOES: DSW / PURSE: Michael Kors / SUNGLASSES: Rayban

Hi everyone and a very Happy Monday!

I am so excited to start this week because in my sorority it is senior week!

What this means is that the big day is a few short weeks away (and it’s really starting to hit me)! So during this week the seniors are celebrated every day! This means tons of free food (I mean, who doesn’t love free meals, especially a college student) and cute little trinkets that we are given every day (super excited to get a letter from my parents) . To kick this week off, last night we went to a nice dinner and it was so yummy!! ( I mean who doesn’t love Italian food?!) And tonight I am able to pass down some of my favorite sorority items down to younger girls, and this one was hard for me but I know they will love the huge bag I have for them (It’s like I’m santa for the day bringing presents) I think that having a week dedicated to the seniors is cute because we all have worked so hard to maintain a social life (sorta), school work, applying for jobs, trying to find somewhere to live, and dealing with every curve ball this crazy life throws at you! I know for me, mental break downs have happened and I’m so lucky to have such an amazing support system of friends and family (and boyfriend) to help me through this crazy time!

This past week was so busy for me (and possibly running around like a mad woman) because graduation is nearing. I mean, who is really ready to be a full adult?! (not this girl). The idea of graduating is exciting to me but I am naturally really nervous. I mean like, who starts packing up their room with 18 days left?! (This crazy girl) I have started to  put stuff together and organize my room a million times that my room is a full disaster 24/7 (sorry mom)! I think every girl and woman can relate to having a messy room after trying to find an outfit let alone trying to pack up everything (Lol this is what I keep telling myself as justification)! So with all the madness of graduation I loved this outfit because it was definitely something casual and not too much work to put together! And this weekend consisted of a little pampering after the crazy week so mani/pedis were in definite need!

And with that, let the week begin, and from the wise words for Valerie Renfrow – “Let’s blow this popsicle stand girly pops!” Hope everyone has a wonderful week!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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