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The Last of Winter


SWEATER: Forever21 / BRALETTE: Victoria’s Secret / JEANS: Urban Outfitters / SHOES: Aldo / SUNGLASSES: RayBan / PURSE: Kate Spade 

Happy Monday!

This time of year I always get so sad because it is time to put my sweaters away. I absolutely love winter because who doesn’t love being all bundled up! And I mean bundled up as in just wearing a sweater…not five million layers.

I recently celebrated my birthday and what better way to celebrate it than saying goodbye to the sweaters?! I absolutely love the color pink (if you can’t tell already) so it was a great time to wear this adorable pink sweater! AND since it was a little off the shoulder, I was able to show off my new bralette from the Victoria’s Secret collection! And let me tell you about these SHOES! If anyone knows me, I love shoes and I was so happy when I snagged these Aldo shoes because I have always wanted a pair like this! (My inner soon-to-be-adult is showing).

I have recently touched down in Orlando, Florida to spend spring break at the one and only DISNEY WORLD! Now, I know you guys know I am a California girl born and bred, so Disney World is not the usual place I go, BUT I guess I will give it a try (I mean, it’s not Disneyland). Nevertheless, I am so excited because I have only been once and I don’t remember anything, so going to the four parks will be so exciting and fun for me!

I hope you all have a great start to your week and if y’all are having spring break soon (or just need a vacation), tell me your plans!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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