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Happiest Place on Earth

^^ The brand new Starbucks cup! 


^^ Don’t know who is cuter, Disney or my friend Daryn
^^ My friends Lexi, Daryn, Keiyana, and Cassie waiting in line at the Haunted Mansion 


^^ Love my little Taylor 
^^ Cassie, Ellie, and I enjoying our ride on the Teacups


^^ My absolute favorite ride and princes
^^ One great reason to go to Disney: for the churros


SHIRT: Disney / PANTS: Lululemon / FANNY PACK: American Apparel / SHOES: Converse / SUNGLASSES: RayBans / LIPSTICK: Tarte Lip Paint TBT (Mauve) 

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are getting a great start to your week!!

This past weekend my sorority took a trip to Disneyland for a day! We took an 8 hour bus there, spent 17 hours at Disney, and then another 8 hour bus drive back. It was quite exhausting but SO WORTH IT! I was so happy that we were able to go on all of our favorite rides and eat some of our favorite foods while at Disney and California Adventure!

Who doesn’t love the holiday season, especially at Disney?! It was all so magical because the park was decorated for the Christmas season and started to feel almost like Christmas (minus the 90 degree weather). I love that the holiday season is approaching and especially Thanksgiving because it is a time to reflect on the things you are thankful most for. Mine of course would be my family and friends! This was also a special the because my sororities’ Founders Day was on November 11th when we all caravanned to Disney! This just made me realize how grateful I am to be apart of such an amazing organization and found friends and sisters for life!

So since I went to Disney I wanted to share a few secrets that I have known about throughout the years and new ones I learned this year!

  • Every plant that is in Tomorrowland is edible.
  • There is a secret Mickey under a Main Street fruit cart.
  • The candle in Walt Disney’s apartment (above the fire station) is never turned off because his spirit is always alive and looking down on his beloved park.
  • Cove Bar has some of the best secret menu drinks (if you’re 21 of course)! Such as the Fun Wheel, The Zombie, and The Black Pearl.
  • The orange teacups with the diamonds and the purple tea cups are the fastest spinners on the Mad Tea Party ride.
  • Club 33 is a private Club in New Orleans Square where only club members enjoy early access to the theme park, free valet parking at the Grand Californian Hotel and more!
  •  Disney’s Main Street always smells of vanilla and waffle cone perfume.
  • The tombstones in the Haunted Mansion are for real people.
  • There is a hidden character inside It’s a Small World: Charlie Brown!!
  • And last but not least, there has been speculation that a real human skull is on the ride Pirates of the Caribbean. It is placed above the pirate sitting in the bed with the magnifying glass over his teeth.

I hope you all have a great rest of your week and don’t forget to always count your blessings and especially in this holiday season!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor 

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