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^^ Could I get more basic? 
^^ Taylor and I welcoming two new members into our Gamma Phi Beta family 
^^ The little cuties Valerie and Hannah


^^ Valerie and Hannah’s perfect baskets! 


^^ Welcome to the Cheetah Girl Family

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.23.19 PM Happy Monday everyone!
This weekend was very eventful if you couldn’t tell by all my social media! And like being the basic sorority girl I am, I HAVE to talk about one of the best days in a sorority girls life, Big/Little reveal!! I also have to add that picture at the top with me wearing a tutu, cheetah ears, and having an umbrella when it sprinkles because these conditions are so treacherous.

So everyone who hasn’t been or isn’t apart of Greek Life have always ask me what a Big and Little is. How my sorority, Gamma Phi Beta, does Big/Little is the new members of our sorority and the pledge class before pick each other to have the bond of a Big/Little. (Pretty much their new best friend, mentor, and overall best friend) The new members don’t find out till the special day! As a Big, once you find out who your Little is, you craft rigorously and might even pull a few all nighters take make this the most special day for your Little! (while trying not to have too may hot gun scars) Their baskets consist of Greek letters, canvas’, candy beyond belief, and countless of Gamma Phi shirts passed down from pledge class to pledge class! Those passed down shirts are so great because some of them are reluctantly still in one piece after 15 generations of being passed down! I think it is also important to know how things have changed, although the pledge classes have grown, the history behind the sorority is still there.

So how our Big/Little reveal was this year is the older girls, Taylor and I, held Valerie and Hannah‘s sign with their name on it at our sorority house! After, we walked to the location to find their Big where they received a color that they had to look for on the CandyLand squares. They opened an envelope with a picture of their Big, Annabella, in it and they had to find her in the room! After we took a bunch of pictures and were basic girls by laughing at each other (I also made them do it, cause you know, for the blog)! But, the one thing I absolutely love about Big/Little is that every sorority girl gets to experience it and it is always done in an adorable and exciting new way!

Well I hope that you were able to have a glimpse into the sorority world for a second! (And maybe even make you jealous about how much these girls are spoiled with crafts and whole new wardrobe).

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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