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Cape Cod Beach

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^^ Everyone go buy a towel off of Sand Cloud!! 

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^^ Aren’t these rocks a beautiful purple!! I’m obsessed and just want to be a mermaid!

SWIM SUIT: Asos  / SHOES: Nordstrom / SUNGLASSES: RayBans / PURSE: Kate Spade / CHOKER NECKLACE: Etsy / LONG NECKLACE: Free People / WATCH: FitBit

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.23.19 PM Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great weekend!

My family and I have made an amazing trip to the beautiful beaches of Cape Cod. These beaches are so amazing and unique!

Since I am from California I am use to hot sand, people everywhere, and ice cold water!! (yikes) Cape Cod has such warm soft sand that I could lay on every day of my life. Also it is interesting because the Pacific Ocean has high tide and then low tide, while the Atlantic Ocean has low tide and then high tide. (Little fun fact for the day). They also had a really long rock jetty that you could walk on and the rocks were purple! I wasn’t suppose to go down on the rocks but they were too pretty not to! Also what girl do you know doesn’t dream about being a mermaid!!

On another note, I have recently become an Ambassador for Sand Cloud Towels Company. Sand Cloud is such an amazing company because 10% of net profits from sales will be donated to foundations that help preserve marine life and keep our oceans clean!! The towels and blankets are so cute and durable and so worth the price! (Because who doesn’t love the little fishes!!) Sand Cloud also has an adorable phone case, jewelry, and water bottle. Also, you can use my Special Offer (click link) for  a 25% off your first purchase! So go, go, go!!

I hope everyone has a happy hump day! Today, I am adventuring to the Boston Red Sox game and I couldn’t be more excited!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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