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Event Planners – They are Important

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Happy Thursday! Yay for it almost the weekend!!

I wanted to give you guys another peek into my work world! I absolutely love my job at the end of the day. Don’t get me wrong, it is a lot of work, but it is SO worth it when it is all said and done. Also you will read about some of my biggest advice if you are looking to hire an event planner/coordinator (which you should!!)!

This past weekend, our team worked at La Jolla Torrey Pines Hilton! It is such a beautiful hotel and highly suggested to either stay there or have a wedding there. The staff was so nice and helpful which makes all of the planner’s life less stressful on the day of a wedding! The wedding was SO beautiful and our team did such an amazing job on the decor! The company I work for Ethnic Essence, specializes in a custom candle wall for the Bride and Groom stage!

Event planners are very essential if you want a stress-free environment for your wedding! Here are a few tips from my expertise of what you want to look for when you are planning your wedding!

  • Services ~ This one is very important because I have worked with brides who don’t understand what our job is. (To make your life easier) but that doesn’t mean that we are babysitters. We are there to take care of all the details and behind the scene works, not watch you get ready (even though you are beautiful).
  • Attire ~ Knowing what your event planner will look like on the day of. I have worked and been to events where the coordinators look very unprofessional with tight dresses and not put together (very tragic). And it is important to understand that although it is a wedding, they are there to work and look professional.
  • Organization ~ This is a HUGE one!! I cannot stress this enough! Meet with a few different planners at the beginning of your engagement and really try to feel out how they run things. If they are a mess with paperwork, can’t work a computer, or aren’t put together…most likely your wedding will be the exact same. A clean workspace is KEY!
  • Meetings ~ From the very start, talk to the coordinators about the packages they offer. Know how many times you are able to have phone meetings and in-person meetings. Because event coordinators have other clients (I know, SHOCKER).

And last but not least:

  • Passion ~ The BEST event planners/coordinators have passion about the work they put out. Planning ANY event is a lot of hard work (trust me) and keeping that fire alive is so important and if they have a lot of passion, it will radiate to the client!

I am currently jetting off to Chicago for an event this weekend so I will be a little MIA! But I hope you all have a great and safe weekend! Especially on the Fourth of July!

XOXO Jordan Taylor 

5 thoughts on “Event Planners – They are Important

  1. This was such a great post! I’m studying public relations at college and have always been curious about event planning. And that event looked absolutely gorgeous! 🙂


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