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^^ All Rascal wanted to do was sit in my lap while Copper wanted to play!


^^ Rascal was really posing for the picture with my sunglasses!
^^ We are such goofballs! And I can’t believe they are smiling in this picture.




Happy Monday y’all!

This weekend was such a relaxing weekend which was much needed!! I hung out with my dogs Rascal and Copper and had a little backyard outing reading and having fun in the sun.

Nothing beats a relaxing day reading a new book I just bought called The Choice. I know, I am so late on my game of novels! The Choice has been out for a while but with my crazy schedule it is so hard to find time to read. If you are looking for a new book to read for your summer reading I highly recommend this! Also it is such a cute movie if you are looking for a tear-jerker (I totally balled my eyes out).

My outfit was so comfortable! If you are looking for anything comfortable but stylish, this is the way to go. I just bought these pants a few days ago and I cannot tell you how comfortable and light they are. I actually have one just a plain black shirt that I tied in order to complement my body type. I think that is very important when dressing yourself is knowing what looks good and what doesn’t.

Accessories are huge for me! So if anyone like me has issues with sunglasses, I found the cutest glasses at forever 21! Most of my sunglasses fall off my face for some reason. Also I have my Alex&Ani bracelet on that my friend actually bought for me. It’s my birthstone (shoutout to all my March babies).

As always I hope you guys have a great start to your week! Thanks for reading!!

XOXO Jordan Taylor

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